Conveyor width 40 cm

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Steel powered rollerconveyor width 400 mm.


Quantity: 1 pieces of 8.8 meter

Conveyor type: roller conveyor driven

Conveyor Construction: Steel coated

Conveyor length: 8.8 meter one electical motor

Conveyor width: 500 mm

Roller width: 400 mm

Roller type: steel

Roller pitch: 125 mm

Roller diameter: ø 50 mm

Power: 230 volt/ 380 volt

Conveyor in feed height: 650 mm

Conveyor out feed height: 850 mm

Articelnumber: 160


Price each: € 1950,- excl. VAT

Transmission price eache order:

Netherlands: € 100,- (excl. VAT)

Belgium: € 130,-

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